When 2020 arrives and Creepy Jar decides to hit the release button it could be quite the celebration by this one. I have been anticipating the release of Green Hell on console for some time now. Of course one of the more exciting factors right now is that they keep updating the game. Now just a few weeks away from the New Year, PC players will get an expanded shelters update.

If you haven’t been following Creepy Jar then perhaps you want to take a look at their roadmap for upcoming content. Who is ready to upgrade their pad?

Expanded Shelters Update Features

  • Additional Floors  Players can now add up to 2 more floors on their shelters
  • New Constructions – Side Doorway, Mud Side Doorway, Bamboo Side Doorway, Short Wall, Short Bamboo Wall, Short Mud Wall, Mud Roof with Notch, Ladder, Bamboo Ladder

Also check out all the updates and work the developers have been adding to the game.