Capcom’s return to greatness this generation has been helluva’ ride that has given us Gamers all kinds of fantastic experiences on the PS4 and PSVR.

So what’s next from Capcom? They officially revealed the Two Resident Evil 3 Remake during the last State of Play of 2019. But what about beyond April 2020?? Could some recent trademark renewals point to future releases?!

Capcom dropped a bundle of trademark renewals on November 29th including Rockman, Power Stone, Darkstalkers, and FREAGIN’ DINO CRISIS!!!

Of course this could be nothing except for a major company protecting their intelligent properties but I’m here to proclaim that you NEVER SAY NEVER!!

Capcom knows that fans of all four series want more so hopefully they’ll do what is right and give us sequels, remakes, remasters, whatever the case might be!

Which Capcom franchise would you like to see take the spotlight next??