Kojima Productions promised the next update for Death Stranding would hit the middle of December. Good news! Update 1.07 is LIVE and we have the details.

Update 1.07 comes in at over 1GB as it helps with the following:

  • Multiple problems fixed.
  • Adjustment of the text size (The text size can be changed from the “Options” menu on the Title Screen)
  • Updated save data version (Save data created in version 1.07 cannot be used with an earlier version)

While the notes don’t do the best job explaining what they fixed we know that vehicles (except for MULEs vehicles) can now be easily disposed of. You can also see the Odradek through any cargo on your back.

What would you like to see next? I think we can all agree that the game needs a photo mode ASAP along with a music player so you can listen to ANY of the licensed music while traversing America.

If you have yet to buy Death Stranding it’ll receive a price cut to $39.99 starting December 15th!