After being in the development shadows for over a year since the gameplay reveal at E3 2018, Ghost of Tsushima returned on Tuesday with a short teaser that told us to tune in to the Game Awards 2019 tonight at 8:30EST.

If you’re as hyped as I am over the game, then you already know that Geoff Keighley confirmed that this new GoT trailer is going to be the longest at TGA19. Which has us even more excited that we get an extended look at the game!

Billy Harper, Character/Cinematic Supervisor at Sucker Punch Productions, took to his Twitter account to let everyone know: We’re not ready for tonight’s GoT footage!

What’s really interesting is that Mr. Keighley claims that the footage will be presented in a ‘really cool way’!

Could we see the return of the Japanese Flute Master from E3 2018?! Doubt it. But they certainly seem to plaining something flashy!

What do you think we will be getting tonight? The final release date for Ghost of Tsushima? When do you think it’ll hit the PS4?