Forget the silly console wars of who has sold the most between PlayStation and Xbox. The true console war is between which user-base of fans can claim the yearly Pornhub gaming crown!

Palmtastic news, PlayStation Brahs! We have once again won, making it FIVE YEARS IN A ROW!!! We ruled 2019 with a whopping 51.5% of all gaming traffic to everyone’s favorite site they claim to never visit.

Here’s a crazy stat! Those who decided to use their Vita to help produce life increased by 23%!! I’m glad the PlayStation Nation is still supporting the Vita even though Sony no longer does. Vita with the comeback!!!

I would give you all high-fives but clearly we all need to wash our hands before doing so.

The biggest question going into 2020? Can Sony continue to dominate Pornhub traffic with the PlayStation 5 next fall or will the next XXXbox take the crown? Check back December 2020, Brah!