Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of hooves trampling your enemies beneath you. Today is the day! Mounts have arrived to Conan Exiles in a free update. Now players can put those fighting skills to the test and have epic sword battles on horseback. Insert funny Ark joke. With the update comes a new follower leveling system so you can gain experience points for your thralls, pets and horses.

The free update releases along with the new DLC Riders of Hyboria which will be available for $9.99. The DLC will contain:

  • 2 exclusive mount skins, one befitting the knight in shiny armor, the other perfect for a dark and gruesome warlord.
  • 6 exclusive mount saddles, each suited for different playstyles, such as scout and cavalry.
  • 25 new mounts-related building pieces, specifically designed so you can create your own stables.
  • 3 new armor sets, including the fabled Poitain Cavalier armor.
  • 11 new weapons, including lance, greatsword, katana and warhammer, all originating from the proud nation of Poitain.
  • 14 new decorative items, specifically designed to spruce up your stables.


Mount up Exiles and ride across the land on your new steed. Conquer the land and all that dare to stand in your way.

Do you play Conan Exiles? Plan on getting the new DLC or checking out the new mounts addition? Let us know.