Welcome to Livonia the new map coming to DayZ. This new map boasts a tougher experience with less food, harsher weather conditions and a tighter area to create more player interactions. Of course the zombies are still there to chew at your bones. All of this and they add a Eurasian Brown Bear in order to reenact the scene from The Revenant. If you haven’t witnessed that horrific bear attack by now it’s best not to bother.

Having played the original map this is definitely for those that want to be tested in the art of survival. The main appeal to DayZ is the harsh reality that you will certainly die at some point and possibly very soon. If the zombies don’t get you then starvation, sickness or other players will do the job. If you dare attempt this new challenge it would be wise to bring a group, or a tank, we should definitely ask the developers for a tank.

Enjoy the cold, damp, dangerous, terrifying and probably KOS players all while trying to learn if Livonia was the right choice. You can purchase the DLC for $13.99 now.