You have the need, the need for speed. You know in your heart of hearts that you are the best both in non-VR and in Virtual Reality but feel the need to prove it. Now you have the opportunity to race, but not only race but use weapons in order to make sure you win. But be on the lookout, because the other racers have the same goal in mind.

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Features include:

  • Power-ups originally designed to be used in VR can also be enjoyed on non-VR platforms.
  • 3 views to choose that is specifically designed for VR: One free of dizziness, a classic one in 3rd person and the more immersive first-person view.
  • 22 tracks and 30 customizable cars, all inspired in Formula 1 tracks and teams.
  • Quick Race Mode with all cars and tracks available from the get-go.
  • Up-to 8 players Online Multiplayer support with no waiting times. You will be training against the AI meanwhile your rivals enter the circuit.
  • 3 Online Game Modes: Unique Daily Cups, Custom Play with your Friends and Random Play.
  • Story-based Mode with more than 500 original challenges (+120h to complete) with collectible prizes. It can be completed in Single Player or Multiplayer Mode.
  • Craft up-to 45 new power-ups by combining the ones you already have and surprise your rivals! 

And don’t forget the control options:

  • Dualshock as a classic/static controller.
  • Dualshock as a motion controller.
  • Wheel.
  • Wheel + 1 PS move controller.
  • 2 PS move controllers: One to handle the wheel and the other to interact with the world.
  • 3dRudder + 1 PS move controller.
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So do you have what it takes to make it in the first place or will you be left behind? What power-up will you craft? Find out when Touring Karts comes to PlayStation VR on December 12, 2019

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In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy….