If the apocalypse were to happen, would you honestly know what to do? If the ones you loved turned into a zombie, what emotional toll would that take on you? How long you think you could survive? These are all valid questions that I hope never come true and hope we never are faced to answer. But does Developer Monochrome Inc. allow us to see the potential answers to different types of apocalyptic scenarios? Let’s find out with Contagion VR: Outbreak for the PlayStation VR.

Now, normally I don’t do comparisons or mention any other platforms and don’t know if I should go forward this way, but I thought for this one, I should only because I think it’s warranted. Contagion VR: Outbreak is new for PlayStation VR, but not new for Virtual Reality as it has been out since the middle of 2018 on PCVR, so keep this in mind throughout the review. So with that said, let’s continue. So with that said, let’s continue.

In Contagion VR: Outbreak, there is a zombie apocalypse and you hopefully, get to be the hero and try to save the day. You might be thinking, great another zombie apocalypse title. Well, there may be some truth in that, but what Monochrome Inc. has done here is something that is different in a way that I really like. They break each of the three missions set into their own separate worlds with a different character you play (more on this in a few). But before you jump in and try to save the day, you will want to get into the tutorial as it just may save your life when you’re out there trying to live your life as the world has just turned. So make sure both your Move controllers are fully charged and if you have the 3Drudder get ready for your survival technique training.

Here is when I am going to start comparing the PSVR version to the PCVR with the help assistance of thevrdimension.com. With the PlayStation VR version, notice to use the backpack you have press start on the right Move controller. This is the same button if you need to do some recentering of any other PlayStation VR experience. But here, you have to pull up the menu on your left hand to be able to recenter.

Now if you look at the PCVR version of Contagion VR: Outbreak, in order to bring up the backpack, you simply just reach from behind you to bring it up which works extremely well. Another thing to note is that when there is an object on the ground, on the PSVR version you have to wait for this blue type of streak to be able to pick up an item and not every time would it work, but on the PCVR version, just getting near the item lights up so you can easily pick up that item.

Mission 1: Garage has you returning home from a business trip when things have become out of the normality that you are used to and there is a disturbance in your apartment building. As you learn that you will have to try and reach your wife and child and hopefully escape and make the best of the situation of what the world has changed into. What really is interesting in this Mission is when you get to your apartment and turn on the tv and see the newscast, you start to get a glimpse of the dangers that have already started to happen out in the world.

Mission 2: Roadside has it where you and your brother are traveling at night and of course, the car breaks down. And this is when things start to turn out a little different as you have to go and search a gas station that you may be bitten off more than you wanted to. The second part of this mission (if you survived) as you trying to reach your brother so that you can gather the parts needed to hopefully get out of this town. I like how it’s you leaving your brother to see if anyone else can help only to have the police officer ask you to go and search because he cannot leave his post. I was thinking sure officer, no need to help protect me, but that’s ok, you just stand there being you. But it’s when you reunite with your brother that there is this sense of hope, like we will make it, but not sure for how long.

Mission 3: Charlie has you playing as a little girl as you are trying to escape from what was once someone very close to you, now trying to get you. I will say that on the PlayStation VR version, that I could not play Mission 3 as there is a glitch that I did experience and did bring the Developer’s attention with a clip that had me below the floor stuck in what was surrounded by walls made out of tile. No matter what I did from raising and lowering the levels to uninstalling and reinstalling the game allowed me to play it. They are now aware of it and based on the version I am playing, hopefully, they will get an update out soon. Luckily, thanks to The VR Dimension, mission 3 is able to be played. But in this mission, as you play as the small child, you get to see the horror that she is feeling through her eyes, which does give you another way to see things.

One of the things I noticed on all three of the different missions, is your vest and belt where you can place weapons and the gun on your hip, is the same for all three characters including the little girl. Not sure why having a placement for a gun on a child is present and hopefully this will get updated as well.

If you decide you need to have some practice with the weapons, there is a shooting range where you can test out each of the weapons and get used to how you load and unload the ammo while shooting targets as well as a free roam with endless zombies called Dustbowl.

There are some things I wish could be addressed and added. For one, the zombies. There is no horde per se, but just some here and there. I understand that this is the beginning of the apocalypse and there may not be that many zombies, but it would be nice to have more included. The 2nd thing would be some of the glitches. I mentioned glitches earlier and yes, at least with my playthrough I did experience them. Some could look and say this is bad, but some of them were helpful like a zombie got stuck in the walls and I was able to get passed them. I then started to ask myself, if this is the foundation and the Developers continue to update this as they have been recently, then Contagion VR: Outbreak could be something to really get into especially if more missions continue to be added as DLC (hopefully free). The good thing is that Mission 4 is coming and hopefully it will be the biggest and longest of them all. The last thing I wish would be added is the option to bring your backpack as you reach behind you to bring open it up and the ability to pick things up off the ground to be easier like the PCVR version shows it to be.

But not all is lost. There is fun to be had here. Having each mission play out with individual characters in their own setting and telling its own individual story is pretty awesome and I hope to see more of this in the future. Being able to use multiple items as weapons also feels great. Hitting zombies with a guitar and a wrench at the same time do feel rewarding and I hope even more different weapons get added. And the last thing is that the Developers are listening and working on any needed updates as quickly as possible and with that type of support, good things are sure to come.

Contagion VR: Outbreak is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Contagion VR: Outbreak, make sure you visit the site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Monochrome Inc., please visit their site and make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to see what other weapons I can use against some zombies.