When Wired.com reported that the DualShock 5 looked strikingly similar to the DualShock 4, they WERE NOT LYING!

The Japanese patent for what most likely is the Dualshock 5 went live this morning and was quickly discovered by VGC.

The comparison image between this potential DualShock 5 and the DS4 are eerily similar. It appears the lightbar is gone, potentially being combined into the touchpad similar as to how the DS4 revision combined the two. But hey, don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’ve been playing on the PS4 for six years and haven’t had many issues with it.

As you can tell the DS5 will support USB-C, is just a bit thicker, has larger triggers, and potentially smaller analog sticks. That could be an optical allusion though. The touchpad seems different, with rumors that it could have a touchscreen built-in. As confirmed earlier this year it’ll be heavier than the DS4 yet lighter than the Xbox One controller “with batteries in it”.

We the PlayStation 5’s reveal party going down early 2020 we should hopefully know details regarding the DualShock 5, the PS5, and more!