Maybe you’ve been sleeping on Street Fighter V the past four years, waiting for the eventual Super Turbo Championship Dumbo Lumbo edition! Get ready because Capcom just announced Street Fighter V: Championship Edition for release in February 2020!

For those of y’all who did wait patiently you’re going to get the MOTHER LOAD of content for $29.99!

  • 40 characters
  • 34 stages
  • Over 200(!) costumes

Plus all the BRAHsome modes and new skills released! If you already own Street Fighter V you can purchase the upgrade kit for $24.99 (which is available now!) which will grant you access to the new content as it releases or you can wait until February 14th, 2020 for the full drop or the physical edition.

Gill, the main boss from Street Fighter III, will be the first wave of new characters to join SFV next month. Behold his character trailer.

You can read more in-depth details at the official Street Fighter blog. Will you be joining in on this version of Street Fighter V?