Do you like Knights? Do you enjoy dark RPGs? How about a Gothic style Action RPG with a rich and dark world filled with Demon Knights? If you answered yes to all of the above then developer Archon Forge Games is making something special just for you. Okay, maybe not just for you but definitely something that is geared towards you. Demon Knights will be an Action RPG single or Co-op game that will have you the hero fight against demonic monsters.

The world of Ankhoron has been cursed by a necromantic cultist and now the land is left in ruin and despair. There may be hope however and it’s within the ancient shrines buried deep below the city. Unfortunately for our heroes the cities are now infested with mutant monsters and the undead. Ankhoron is a huge world covering over 20 cities and 2 continents. It would appear there will be plenty to explore in the game.

Some Features

  • Deep customizable fighting combat that will allow customizable combos, counters, parries and magic.
  • Original AAA art and artists that include concept artist, 3D modelers, 3D animators and 3D environmental artists.
  • Original gameplay with unique players as the game allows you to play as a Knight or one of the demon monsters.
  • Looting system inspired by the best ARPG’s with random drops, crafting/customization and set item bonuses.
  • Building difficult but fair game with enemies, bosses and challenges that are geared to give players a chance.
  • Lore and living cities as the world is built with over 20 cities, many hidden dungeons, hideouts, secrets, bosses and NPCs. Plans are to allow players to travel to each city to learn more about the heroes and NPCs in the game.
  • Multiplayer and Networking as the game is built to incorporate 16 plus player networking. The developers expanded the game originally from 2 player co-op into larger 5 person groups and 16 plus groups for PVP later on.

Character design is always a large part in RPGs and nothing has changed. In Demon Knights you will be able to choose from 5 unique heroes all customizable.

Heavy Knights

Deadly Hunter

Arcane Blademaster

Elemental Barbarian

Dark Druids

The NPCs and environment look great so far from the concept pictures on the Kickstarter page. All of this of course with dark elements and a world filled with horrible things. Seeing some of the locations you might be able to visit and some of the atrocities that lurk within them is very intriguing. Demon Knights definitely feels like an RPG that might be enjoyed with friends. The world appears to be big enough to support the fun and adventurous tale with a group and hopefully this will shine in the deep customization department. Nobody really wants to run around and look exactly like their friend. Well…perhaps there are some. Watch out for those friends though.

The Kickstarter offers a wide variety of rewards such as access to private betas, name in credits, name on tombstone in game, signed copy of printed collectors book of game art, co-design a new in-game quest and much more.

The goal is set at $44,742 and is currently sitting at $18,412 pledged.

You can check out more details and info on the Kickstarter page here Demon Knights Kickstarter.

You can also visit their website here

As of now the plan appears to be a release in summer 2020 on PC, Steam and PS4.

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