One of biggest game changers this generation was the introduction of Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft. $9.99 gave you access to 200+ downloadable games a month along with any Xbox Game Studios releases day and date. The success of GP made Sony make major changes to PlayStation Now.

Many have wanted Sony to follow suite with their 1st party offerings, having them all be day and date of release on PlayStation Now, Sony’s Cloud streaming/download service with over 800 games for only $9.99 a month.

Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation finally has an answer for everyone asking for it. It ain’t happening anytime soon, Brah. In his lengthy interview with, Jim talked about their position of not offering their biggest titles day and date on PS Now.

That’s where we stand right now. But our stance on the inclusion of first-party games in PlayStation Now in terms of what we’ve done this month is very different to our stance 12 months ago. I don’t want to say this is what PlayStation Now is going to be like forever. But certainly right now, given how some of our first party IP is incredibly special and valuable, we just want to treat them with amazing care and respect, and have those launches be clean and pure.

What Jim is trying to say in the nicest, professional way possible, is that they would rather have their games sell 13 million copies worldwide since release like how Marvel’s Spider-Man did instead of someone subbing for a month, beating the game, and canceling their sub.

But the world of gaming is ever evolving. This time last year PlayStation Now was $20 a month. Now you can pay $59.99 for an entire year of PlayStation Now, which is a fantastic deal considering all the gaming content it grants you access to.

What do you want from PlayStation Now in the future?