November is here and you know what that means: we’re in the endgame now. The ‘endgame’ I’m referring to is Black Friday 2019!

We’ve already been bamboozled by a fake Walmart ad which featured the too good to be true deal of a PS4 Slim for $149. Thankfully now we have a very reliable source who has (mostly) never let us down: The legendary Wario 64.

He claims that this year’s Holiday bundle will entice non-PS4 owners with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, God of War, and The Last of Us Remastered along with a 1TB PS4 Slim for $199.99!

He later posted the Belk Black Friday ad confirming the deal yet mistakenly displaying a picture of God of War III Remastered instead of GoW 2018. He went on to confirm that he’s seen the PS4 BF box, so it was an error on their part.

Stay tuned to The PlayStation Brahs as we continue to bring you the latest Black Friday 2019 gaming news and deals!