Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games have formed quite the relationship over the past few years. They gave him the Decima Engine during his search for a worthy engine to power his project. There was Death Stranding easter eggs in Horizon Zero Dawn and hell, Kojima even established a satellite team to in Amsterdam to help aid the team in Japan.

Now that reviews have gone live for the game and the credits have rolled for many Reviewers/Influencers, it’s starting to make more sense how the team at Kojima Productions finished the game in 3 years. VideoGameChronicles.com reports that the credits mention that over 70 GG team members worked on Death Stranding including many lead devs who worked on Horizon Zero Dawn such as:

  • Lead game programmer Tommy De Roos.
  • Lead programmer Frank Compagner.
  • Lead AI programmer Arjen Bei
  • Technical director Michiel van der Leeuw.
  • Art director Jan-Bart Van Beek
  • Lead environment artist Kim Van Heest
  • Technical art director Maarten van der Gaag
  • Lead lighting artist Roderick van der Steen
  • Lead technical animator Bart Wijsman
  • Senior quest designer James Kneuper

Plus many more. Kojima Productions x Guerrilla Games seems to be one helluva’ team, eh?

Death Stranding will divide Gamers across the board on next Friday, November 8th. Will you be helping Sam reunite the United Cities of America??