Step aboard the Helios and be prepared for all the oddities it is ready to offer. Close to the sun is set in an alternative 19th century period where Nikola Tesla changed the world. Here the horror is plentiful and you play as Rose the main character looking for her lost sister. Only problem is this isn’t a normal search and rescue. Things are bad, very bad aboard the Helios and you will need to keep your composure in order to survive.

Close to the sun launches today on the PS4.


  • First-person horror adventure where surviving is everything
  • Problem-solving in order to progress the story: just what happened on board Tesla’s ship?
  • Danger aplenty as Rose pieces together just what happened, having no real means to defend herself
  • Teamwork with an ally who helps Rose navigate her way through the ship’s artistic halls
  • Nerve inducing exploration – defenseless and weaponless, the keys to Rose’s survival are running, hiding, and quick thinking

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