If you have yet to play Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games on the PS4, then this Brah thinks you’re really missing out on one of the best new IPs this generation of gaming!

An Action-adventure open-world title with strong RPG elements, HZD has you playing as the mysterious Aloy as she must discover the secrets as to why the hell Grimlock and friends rule the World. Seriously, I LOVE this game. So when I heard rumors that we might get receive a VR spin-off on the PS VR, I was reluctant to cover it. Until the “Leaker” began to apologize.

Callum Hurley doesn’t claim to be any type of Insider or Leaker. Hell, he didn’t even want this information to get out. But in the 24/7 news cycle the World demands, Gamers always want to hear what could be coming next.

Callum’s original tweet seemed rather innocent..until he capitalized the ‘H’ in Horizon that got everyone’s attention.

After realizing the Gaming world had taken notice, he offered his apologizes and his excitement for the future title.

I think all of us VR fans can be excited considering the fact that London Studios made one of the top ten PS VR titles yet with Blood & Truth. We here at the PlayStation Brahs can’t wait to hear more about this major upcoming PlayStation VR title!