It’s been over two years since we were introduced to the infectious Arizona Sunshine and not only that, the PlayStation VR version would have the advantage some might say, of having Aim controller support. Since then we got to experience the Dead Man DLC and now just in time for Halloween, we are introduced to the events before it all happened. So should the new DLC be in your collection? Let’s find out with Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC for the PlayStation Vr.

As I mentioned, The Damned DLC takes place before the events of Arizona Sunshine and the Dead Man DLC and can be played solo or in co-op. You play as a protagonist named Liam and due to a crash, you find yourself not only wishing for better days (but will learn has a slight case of Acrophobia), as I don’t think anyone would sign up for a mission knowing that there could possibly be a crash and that there are zombies moving around with a chance that they would feast on you. So after you are able to move out into outside, you realize that you will need to help the military by restoring the nuclear missile system so that the generators can be restored of the hydroelectric dam.

Now, of course, being as you have to try and restore generators for a hydroelectric dam, some parts will have you above enjoying the wonderful skies as you try and remember what life was like before you crashed and you get to see some of the scenery that would be more enjoyable if some zombies were not trying to attack you. So just make sure you look for any ammo you can and make every shot count. When you are not on the higher level, you will be climbing down and going inside where more zombies lurk hoping they hear a dinner bell of a noise. So not only do you need to make every shot count, try and not make a lot of noise or you will have a horde rushing you.

You of course, could play with the DualShock 4 controllers, enhance your play with the Move controllers or go with the Aim controller. I went with the Aim controller and I will say that I did not have any problems and those headshots were dead on. I do want to talk about the sound for a minute. There are times you will walk by doors and you can hear the zombies in the next room which may sound like more than a handful, but only to encounter maybe two or three. I kind of like how the sound made me think that there were more than there actually was as it added to the moment of the action. The graphics some may look at and say that it might be a little dated. Keep in mind this takes place before the events of Arizona Sunshine and when you add that along with the atmosphere, like at times when you are in the lower levels, it adds to the spooky good tone that is presented.

If your a fan of Arizona Sunshine and also enjoyed the Dead Man DLC or if you are a fan of those old horror movies, you should get The Damned DLC as it just adds to this universe and is just some good ol zombie fun for this Halloween season especially if you have the Aim controller.

Arizona Sunshine, Dead Man DLC, and The Damned DLC are out now. A review code was provided. To learn more about Vertigo Games, please visit their site and make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Jaywalkers Interactive, please visit their site and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more zombie body parts to shoot off.