Here’s some interesting information on this chilly Wednesday morning regarding the PlayStation 5!

A new official job listing by Sony for the position of Senir Cloud Engineering Manager claims that the PlayStation 5 will be the ‘World’s fastest console’ when it releases in Holiday 2020.

The description reads:

You will be managing distributed systems that are powering 100+ million PS4 consoles that deliver immersive gaming experiences. You will also be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console(PS5) in 2020. You will love working at PlayStation if you have a strong passion for systems, availability, and resiliency.

We also took a screenshot of the job description incase it is suddenly changed as this news makes the rounds. Interesting how they don’t mention it being the most powerful console ever, which Microsoft has claimed with the Scarlett. Then again Cerny claims their custom SSD will help eliminate loads, so we shall see exactly what this claim means over the next 12 months until the PS5 arrives.

If you’re interested in this job position, we’ve provided the link below.