When you think of exploration, farming, crafting and even building what comes to mind? Work? A getaway? A way to relax? These words can be many things to many people, but is it possible to have a mix of work, a getaway, and even a chance to relax? Let’s find out if Developer HopFrog, Publisher Humble Bundle, and Retail Distributor Nighthawk Interactive can some somehow give us a mix of all that and even more with Forager for the PlayStation 4.

I am going to start off by saying that I didn’t really know what to expect from Forager. Not because I wasn’t interested, it was that I didn’t want my experience to be so simplistic that I would not have any fun as I always try to have fun. When I first started Forager, there was this simple yet retro throwback of graphics with matching sound that did bring back some fond gaming memories. The land that almost has a puzzle like piece look to it as you are on is surrounded by blue water. On this land you will have trees, rocks berry bushes along with other resources that you must forage around for supplies so that you can build, improve your skills, and hopefully earn enough so you can expand your land.

So as you try and expand your land, which does cost, each new piece of land is a welcoming edition to your island home of which you started. But like in our everyday lives, you will be told that you are exhausted as well as asking if you should eat to even letting you know when the energy levels are low. If you ignore this, than your beautiful three filled up hearts will go away one by one. So pay attention and try to not end the lives of which you are given as I did and making him work day and night with no breaks just to satisfy me…R.I.P. my Forager…R.I.P.

Now what I do like is the implementation of how you upgrade. When pick a skill you want to level up, that will expand the skill branch allowing you to be able to upgrade even more skills and gears, such as your shovel, ax or a skills such as magic. So if you want to be more well rounded you can do that or if you want to focus on one main skill, you can do that as well. It really is all up to you on how you want to upgrade.

Now, in the beginning, I mentioned work, getaway, and relaxing and that is exactly what Forager is. You will be working a lot of gathering resources and making new ones in order to to be able to build more resources. For example, you have to build a furnace in order to make coal. In order to make coal, you have to chop away at trees to collect the wood in order to make the coal. Or if you need a small backpack you need to collect four pieces of thread and two flowers. So you will be doing a lot of this. But this is where the getaway and the relaxation comes in. Even though you may have to gather all the resources and try to level up everything, you get to getaway from your daily lives and sit back, and relax. I mean you do deserve to relax right?

Forager is a title you can play for hours at a time or play in sessions and if you have children, it’s also a good way to practice some math. Sometimes when you come across something that can either be a movie, book, video game and it really doesn’t seem to fit what you are used to, sometimes that can be a missed opportunity, but sometimes if we just take the time to sit back with no expectations, those can be some of the most relaxing times.

Forager comes to North American retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target on October 29, 2019 . A review retail edition was provided. To learn more about HopFrog, please visit their site and follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Humble Bundle, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. And to learn more about Nighthawk Interactive, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.