Every year all of the biggest retailers look to slash prices (and the throats of their competition) on Black Friday in order to get every cent of our hard-earned money. HDTV’s that are normally over a grand are reduced in price by 70% or more to entice us all to run out Thanksgiving night like a bunch of idiots, then defend ourselves against the mobs on Black Friday.

It works every year and 2019 looks to be no different. Cheapassgamer is reporting that Walmart will offer the PlayStation 4 Slim at the drastically reduced price of $149, a savings of 50%!!

As you can see the PS4 Slim is not the only major cut as Nintendo also aims to grow their marketshare with great deals on both Switch models. Microsoft is looking to clear their stock of XB1 SADE consoles priced at $149 with 3 digital games!

So if you have that cheap-o cousin who has yet to buy a PS4 after all these years let him know about these (potential) savings on some of the hottest items in gaming, Brah!

Stay tuned for the rest of our Black Friday 2019 savings coverage as it leaks!