I ain’t going to lie. The Brah loved him some Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4. Insomniac Games did a BRAHsome job capturing the essence of what makes Spider-Man such a fantastic character. Along with a phenomenal story along with some amazing graphics and gameplay, it really is one of the best superhero games on the PlayStation 4.

With all of that being said, this 24” statue of the Advanced Suit that Spider-Man debuted in Marvel’s Spider-Man is mighty BRAHsome. Spectacular even!! There’s only one issue that most of might encounter. The price. $1,100.00, BRAH!!

Yes, we know! Sideshow and PCS Collectables make some amazing pieces of art! Ain’t no doubt about that. I’ll put it this way. By the time this statue will arrive on your front door in early 2021, the PlayStation 5 will be on the market for a few months by then. You’ll be able to a console with several games and an extra Dualshock 5 for the same prize as this 1:3 scale statue. If you can do both..more power to you!! (Also, have you ever thought about investing in a website??)

For those seriously interested in this statue click here to read all the fine details and maybe apply for the monthly payment plan so you’ll be able to afford Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5!

Enjoy this smorgasbord of Spidey-pix, True Believer!!