With as awesome as Blood & Truth is, the updates that keep coming are not only very well done, but also refreshing welcome and it looks like the latest set of challenges do not disappoint.

First, we have Pistol Spinning. If you played Blood & Truth, you may have realized that you can actually sping the weapons around your fingers. Well, it’s time to put your discovered talents to use by activating the targets by pistol spinning. You can request as many as you like if you can handle it, as you will need to stop and shoot them. The lights will show your targets as well as any hits and misses you happen to have.

Next, we have Colour Coded. Just as it sounds, you have to soot the coloured targets with the matching coloured weapons. Thing is, how well do you think your non-dexterous hand will perform?

Hot Swapping works the same as Colour Coded, but you will have a pistol in one hand and a rifle in the other as you will need to swap them out depending on the situation.

Mechanism will have you using your multitasking abilities as you move levers to reveal targets with time boosting. Keeping doing your best and it’s possible that you can uncover even more targets of value and to add more testing of your multitasking abilities, faster and slower speeds from forwards to backward can help with even more targets.

And last, Quick Draw gives and Old West look to London as you approach your target and draw your weapon before the situation becomes hostile. So beware of those that do not play fair.

These newest set of challenges await you now in Blood & Truth out now for PlayStation VR.