The MediEvil Remake is almost here, with only 8 days until Sir Daniel returns in HD graphics to save Gallowmere once again.

But after two decades of waiting..things have changed tremendously. You are going to NEED help to save Gallowmere this time around. That’s why the Brahs over at PlayStation

I don’t care what they say. The best offense? Is going all out by attacking the living hell out of your enemy. Who needs defense?

The camera in MediEvil can get tricky on you. That’s why the ‘Dan Cam’ is being implemented, providing Gamers with the best view possible to defeat enemies and discover items you could’ve missed out on.

So I lied. A good defense is just as good as a good offense. Just ask the ‘85 Chicago Bears. Your shield is going to do everything you sword can do. Mainly protect you and help save your life.

Your ticket to Gallowmere on October 25th is going to run you $29.99! Are you ready to defeat Zarok again?