The Hip Hop Gamer strikes again!! In an interview with some of the team from Crystal Dynamics, developers of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, the team mentions that they can’t wait to take advantage of the extra power from next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Could Marvel’s Avengers possibly see a next-gen release? Seeing as how they’re aiming for the game to be a GaaS title, it would not surprise us at all! The better question might be is considering that both future consoles will have backwards compatibility, would Crystal Dynamics offer enhancement patches that we would download or are we talking about complete re-releases? The Tomb Raider reboot received an upgrade with the ‘Definitive Edition’ with several next-gen perks. Could Marvel’s Avengers receive something similar IF it it’s released on next-gen consoles?

While the audio is a little shoddy, I do recommend watching the video. The team talks about duo attacks, confirms we can’t play as Villains, and much more.

Marvel’s Avengers assembles on May 15th, 2020. You’ll be able to go hands-on with it thanks to a beta releasing before launch.