Readers beware: If you’re trying to keep completely spoiler free for Death Stranding now might be the time to turn off the Internet until November 8th. If that is even possible to do considering how we are all so damn connected to the world wide web.

Today’s first bit of news is that the current file size of Death Stranding that Reviewers are receiving looks to be 48.8GB, which is down from the 55GB we reported last week.

Could the file size potentially grow before release? Death Stranding, as revealed by the title screen image below, is at version 1.02, which is reported to be a minor update weighing in at just 356MB. No further details regarding this update have been revealed as of yet.

Update 1.02 details have been revealed:

– Optimized network functionality.

– Various performance improvements.

Here’s the title screen, as mentioned in the last paragraph. Looks like we will be taking a journey to that famous beach from the original E3 2016 reveal trailer we all know and love.

The official ESRB rating is also live, beware that there could be spoilers in the summary. A warning to those who want to stay spoiler-free.

If you haven’t heard the news, Death Stranding reviews will go LIVE on November 1st, 12:01AM PDT. If you’ve been waiting to hear what the game is all about you’ll be able to do so 7 days before it releases only on the PlayStation 4 come November 8th.