Big changes have been going on over at Guerrilla Games. It was announced last summer the team would be growing to 400 full-time employees while relocating to a new 7,300 sq. ft headquarters to house their super-sized workforce.

The biggest question at the moment is what exactly is GG working on? Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 10 million copies since release in February 2017. They have to be working on that sequel. A possible Killzone multiplayer only title? They did hire two major devs who made Rainbow Six. Something entirely new? Guerrilla admitted in the past that they almost went with a steampunk game before choosing HZD as their next project at the time.

Whatever they might be working on some of the team at GG are currently in Sweden working on some motion capture performances! Principal Animator Darrell Randall took to his Twitter account to reveal that he’s at motion capture studio Goodbye Kansas in Stockholm, Sweden.

With the PS5 on the horizon it won’t be long until we see what the teams at Guerrilla Games are working on and we here at The PlayStation Brahs can’t wait.