Considering Facebook has flagged me three times the past month for posting ‘clickbait’ to our official FB page, I’m REALLY GOING TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!!!

If you’ve been paying attention to Death Stranding since it was first revealed then you of the stunning graphical fidelity of the game. Guerrilla Games gave Kojima the keys to the Decima engine. Kojima and his Team took that mighty ride, crafting one of the most detailed PS4 exclusives yet. An open world game with such amazing graphics will surely have to put a hurtin’ on your PS4’s HDD, right?

As revealed by the back of the Death Stranding PS4 Pro Limited Edition box we now know DS will be taking shelter with 55GB of your PS4’s HDD space! This doesn’t include the inevitable Day One patch that almost every game drops with these days, so expect this number to most likely grow once you pop that disc in.

Death Stranding brings the strange on November 8th. While you’re here why read the ESRB rating or when the Review embargo ends?