The PlayStation 4 family of consoles have dominated the gaming scene since the OG PS4 launched back in November 2013. Along with this dominance has been the growth in sales for SIE WWS titles. God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn both were recently reported at 10 million copies sold while Marvel’s Spider-Man hitting 13 million in a year!

Today marks the the 10th anniversary of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, one of the highest rated PS3 exclusives sold around 6 million copies on the PS3. This is a drop in the pan when compared to Uncharted 4, which according to Gaming Industry Analyst ZhugeEX has now sold over 16 million since release in May 2016.

Want another stunner? The Last of Us has sold over 20 million copies across the PS3 & PS4! Naughty Dog’s presence as a top-tier studio has grown this generation to unfathomable heights.

Makes you wonder how many copies The Last of Us Part II will move with an even bigger install base come February 2020. With such amazing sales for Uncharted 4 could we see another entry in the popular series or should Sony keep it retired? Let us know what you think in the comments below.