From your first spectacle of an idea called Morpheus, you were being developed to what you are today. Something very special that at least for me and I am sure many others, have brought many hours upon hours of Virtual Reality joy. You gave us a chance to be Batman while deep diving the ocean and when we all knew what was coming, for some, it was like when people saw Jaws at the movies and not wanting to go back in the ocean, you somehow introduced us to that unknown with that shark while having fun.

We got to relive that Battlezone feeling in ways that quite a few would have hoped for, and many got to help live the dream. We got to play pool in ways without having to leave our homes and still able to connect with the outside world. We got job when in our real lives, sometimes we may not want to. We got to ride that Rush of Blood coster of carnival delight all while also riding in the RIGS with that 3 vs 3 fight.

We got to hit soccer balls and other objects that were thrown at our heads, to being part of the DRIVECLUB in that sensational VR speed. We got a taste of what fears could be brought into VR from Here They Lie to not wanting to enter the door of RE7 to launching into space with Valkyrie and Gunjack to flying like an eagle in Eagle Flight to trying to figure out which one of us was the werewolf within. We became a mighty beetle in Thumper and entered another world with REZ,

With so many games and experiences you have and continue to give us, we applaud you on your day. It doesn’t seem that long a go when I was able to preorder the launch bundle and reserved pretty much every single game.

I had plenty of sweat that went into my headset from the likes of Sparc. You gave us the opportunity to be in an X-Wing and allowed 3D Bluray support. You have given us so much and I for one have enjoyed every second of it. 3 years it has been and I still remember that awesome unboxing that had everything well placed. Continue growing and bringing new ways to play.

Happy Birthday and Thank you PlayStation VR…Thank you!