Back in September of 2018 and October of 2018, I wrote about how Sony had filed new patents for possibly for PlayStation VR 2.0 and those were some pretty amazing details. But I still have a question as far as battery life goes if it will be 100% wireless or would the PSVR 2.0 have the ability to also be wired? I mean, I get it, some people just do not like wires. But on the flip side, it also the wire(s) can serve as a warning to where you are within the system as you don’t want to go too far off and take the chance of your PS4 falling if it is setting high off the ground. But this patent that emerges adds to the already mentioned wireless ones with some additional info of having two front cameras with one rear on the headset itself that also has LCD lights. That could make for some serious tracking compared to the one camera we have in front of us with the lights on the headset now.

The other part of this emerged patent, shows a diagram of a maybe a new PlayStation Move controller, but I am really hoping it has to do with this patent that I mentioned in November of 2018 that would be a hybrid of sorts of the Move and Navigational controllers by having a thumbstick where the Move button is now or maybe in addition to.

But with the newly announced date of the PS5 for the Holiday 2020 season, getting new information about the PlayStation VR/PlayStation VR 2.0 is getting even more exciting.