Just when you thought you had Concrete Genie reviews to look forward to, PlayStation decides to release more next-gen plans. In an article by Wired, it was finally revealed that the next-gen PlayStation would indeed be called “PlayStation 5”. Obviously, this is isn’t much of a shocker at this point since they have never deviated from numbers on their consoles. Jim Ryan was relieved to reveal the name, which seems quite odd. I mean, everyone expected it to be the PS5 right? This was the smallest news to be revealed today, because Mark Cerny came up to bat to talk more about the system and the new controller.

Cerny pointed out that the PS5 would indeed support ray-tracing through the hardware and not the software. He wanted to make that clear, because a lot of people feared it would be a “software-level fix”. He also explained in a little bit more detail how the solid-state drive will be used for the PS5. Cerny talked about the current gen systems and how developers often duplicate items so that the drive can read the vital piece of information. For instance, Marvel’s Spider-Man had some of their data duplicated up to 400 times on the hard drive. Cerny pointed out that this method would no longer need to be used and developers could use the new “free” space in multiple ways. We may see developers build bigger worlds, more detailed worlds, or make their games take up less space. I feel like this isn’t all that surprising since every generation has seen an increase in game detail and scale. However, I wouldn’t mind if the games took up less space!

It was also confirmed that players will need to install every game before playing it, regardless if you buy physical or digital. However, Cerny did confirm that PS5 will use 100GB optical disks and that the PS5 will finally have a 4K Blu-ray player. Installation will be different for the PS5 as it will allow you to keep parts of the game installed. For instance, if you are a huge Call of Duty multiplayer fan, you can elect to only keep the multiplayer part of the game installed. This can be extremely useful for keeping the storage down.

The user interface will also have a facelift from its PS4 counterpart. Cerny stated that players will be able to see what kinds of activities they can do within a game without booting up the game. Players can see that they have X,Y, and Z missions to do in a certain game and it can show joinable multiplayer matches. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll really care about finding out what missions and rewards I can do for single player, but I’m intrigued to see how that will impact my gaming habits. Most of the best new features are the ones I never knew I needed.

The biggest piece of news to be revealed was the new and improved controller. The new controller will have “adaptive triggers” and haptic feedback. Adaptive triggers give the developers varying levels of resistance on the R2 and L2 triggers. The example Wired was given was that a bow and arrow can feel very realistic, as you push down the trigger it’ll have more resistance just like a bow would as you pull back on it. Different guns can be given different tensions and it should help immerse the player in the experience.

Haptic feedback will also give players a new sense of immersion. Wired was given a demo to play from Japan Studio that had their character run through different types of terrain. Wired noted that it gave “surprisingly immersive-tactile experiences”. Haptic feedback can make your character feel like your player is gliding, slow and soggy, or even bouncy. The writer also played a demo of GT Sport and they noted that you can feel the differences between the track and the dirt. Compared to the PS4 version, there is zero feedback between the two surfaces.

The next DualShock also has a few other improvements such as USB Type-C charging, larger-capacity battery, and a strange hole that Cerny wasn’t ready to talk about yet.

With this new next-gen blowout, it looks like PlayStation is going all in on the player experience. I’m excited to see what all these talented developers can do with the new controller, UI, and hardware. This will undoubtedly be the most immersive generation of gaming we have known, and I can’t wait to get my hands on all this BRAHsomeness in Holiday 2020!

What BRAHsome new feature are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!