Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, we know the Collector’s Edition for Marvel’s Avengers will come with a statue replicating Captain America’s pose from his memorial statue and will be called the “Earth’s Mightiest” Edition. But what else will be included with this premier edition of the game?

Marvel Games revealed the contents of EME which will come with an items representing each member of the entire team!

  • An actual blueprint of Iron Man’s armor from Marvel’s Avengers.
  • That heroic statue of Captain America that we already knew about.
  • A keychain of Thor’s BFF, Mjolnir.
  • The bobble head you see of Hulk while Bruce and Kamala are talking in the Van from the latest trailer.
  • Black Widow’s insignia.
  • Steelbook case.
  • Avengers symbol pin.
  • Photo from A-Day featuring the mighty heroes and the younger Kamala Khan.

There could be more to this package than we know considering the fact it would be the perfect opportunity for Square Enix to drop some exclusive skins that you can ‘only get’ with the EME.

What do you think, True Believers? While the final pricing hasn’t been announced, do you think the exuberant price tag will be worth it?

Marvel’s Avengers assembles on May 15th, 2020.