Do you need some good news today? Well here it is! Stranded Sails gets a release date! On October 17th you will be able to experience an open world full of quests and items to craft. Take care of your crew as you farm, craft and cook your way to survival. In order to escape the mysterious archipelago that you are stranded on you will need to explore the island and all the dangers that reside on it. This Indie game was on our list of games to play this month so make sure to check it out.

  • Experience an open-world adventure full of story driven-quests
  • Farm and cook to survive!
  • Manage the creation and expansion of your crew’s camp
  • Explore a diverse array of different islands by foot or boat
  • Fight against supernatural dangers and solve the mysteries of the cursed islands!

Stranded Sails by developer Lemonbomb will be available to purchase on the PSN store, Nintendo eShop and Microsoft store on October 17th for $24.99.


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