If you are looking for a project to get behind then look no further. Savior by Starsoft is a 2D action-adventure game driven by story and awesome pixel art. Play as Sam thrust into a broken world with no possessions or memory. It is up to you to rebuild the planet of Arcadia and save the people in it. The story is centered on “The Fallen” who survived their banishment and built the new city of Bastion. As a catastrophe befalls the city of Bastion, Sam, may be the key to saving the lost world.

The combat is fast with parkour lite action with a variety of attacks. Combat will feature striking in 6-directions, blocking, dodging and being unconventional when encountering enemies with different ways to attack your opponent. The parkour elements to the game are made for a more thrilling experience. You have context-sensitive jumps, wall jumps, slide/roll, dashing and double jumps. The developers also used this technique in order to give the gamer a fun travel as they proceed through the game.

Something that I wasn’t expecting when reading about Savior was the Diplomacy side of the game. You can actually get opponents to take your side with your words and actions. They will remember the encounters and you can build a positive or negative relationship with them. I am blown away that you can build up a reputation amongst the NPCs and that they will treat you differently according to your reputation. Seriously how cool is that? Choose side quests to gain favor with someone or debate and plant seeds of doubt in their mind. If this doesn’t excite you then you should probably turn back now.

With a wide variety of characters in the game Savior is shaping up to be an enthralling adventure. For now it is set to release on the Switch and PC however, it isn’t the only platform the game will eventually be available on. The game is very close to reaching its goal with 9 days left so check it out soon. If anything watch the trailer below and see how the story will draw you in. A sort of crazed society expelling it’s people into the depths only for them to rise up on their own. This type of in-depth story telling is what I like to see from Indie developers.

Some of the rewards include:

Your name in credits.

Key to the game.

The art book.

The demo.

Make a villager.

This fantastic looking pixel game should get funded and you can check it out here Savior on Kickstarter.

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Check out their steam page as well Savior on Steam.

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