One of the most highly requested for PUBG has been cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation gamers. Developer Bluehole Games promised it was coming and it has arrived! Cross-play is now available!

Here are all the details regarding cross-play from Update 4.3:

  • Cross Platform Play

  • Players can now be matched with players from the other console platform with Cross Platform Play.

  • Cross party feature which allows players to party up with players from different platform is currently not supported.

  • Cross party feature is scheduled to be developed and details will be shared at a later date.

  • Cross Platform Play option can be turned on/off in “Settings – Gameplay – General Settings”.

  • If a match cannot be found after a certain time with Cross Platform Play option “off”, players will be prompted if they want to switch the Cross Platform Play option “on”.

  • Players playing on the same platform will show the platform logo in front of their ID when played on Cross Platform Play option “on”.

  • Players will be able to identify the platform of other users in loot box, when spectating, on user status message, etc.

  • The leaderboard will be shown differently depending on the status of the Cross Platform Play option.

  • Cross Platform Play option on: Leaderboard will show both console platform players

  • Cross Platform Play option off: Leaderboard will show only the players from the same platform

  • You can read the rest of the Update notes here.