Colin Moriaty has been teasing the PlayStation Nation about the possibility of a Remaster/Remake of Demon’s Souls for what seems like a good year plus now.

Guess what?! He’s back at it once again!! While talking about the most recent State of Play on his podcast Sacred Symbols he brought up the fact he was surprised that the heavily rumored Remake/Remaster wasn’t a part of the show.

There was one game in particular, a remaster coming out for PlayStation 4, that I thought they were going to announce today, but they didn’t. I don’t know what they are waiting for with that one. Let’s just say the soul still burns with that one.

While Colin has never straight up said it was a Demon’s Soul re-release this one seems to be one of those ‘worst kept secrets’ of the gaming industry. Major rumor has it that it IS a Remake and is the current project of Bluepoint games as they’re giving it the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 treatment.

Demon’s Souls did get some proper lovin’ on the PS3 most people want to give Dark and not Demon’s all the credit for how it has influenced EVERY GAME RELEASED since 2011. That just ain’t right! If Demon’s Souls didn’t happen.. the entire gaming industry might still be in the dark ages. So show this Remake/Remaster some LOVE when/if it releases in 2020.