With PlayStation’s State of Play airing today at 4 P.M. Eastern Time, it’s time to daydream and fantasize on what might be revealed. There are some things we do know, such as the show will last 20 minutes and that Last of Us II will make an appearance. It seems like there is quite a bit we still don’t know about, which means we get to have fun and guess what we might see. Here is a breakdown on what I think we will see, why we will see it, and how much time it’ll take up on the show.

Concrete Genie Release Trailer – 1 minute and 30 seconds

Concrete Genie is only a couple of weeks away, and it’s time to build up some more hype for it. I think it’ll be a very quick trailer showing a little more about the story and also some VR modes.

Medievil Release Trailer w/ Demo Announcement– 1 minute and 30 seconds

Medievil releases October 25th, but you probably forgot since there hasn’t been much coverage on it outside of a prior State of Play. Well, this promising remake is fast approaching and Sony needs to remind us why we should drop $30 at launch. They won’t spend too much time on this, but it seems like they will reveal that a demo is out today to play.

Iron man VR Release Date Reveal – 2 minutes

Not much has been said about Iron Man VR besides that it was coming out this year. The year is quickly coming to an end, and if it really is coming out this year, this is the time to announce a release date. If this prediction is wrong, I would bet that Iron Man VR wouldn’t come out until early 2020. I do think it will come out this year, and I’m thinking it’ll be before the holidays and will come out around December 10th. Again, I can’t see them spending too much time on this, but they need to show why Iron Man belongs in VR.

Wattam Releases Today – 1 minute

I’m not going to lie, I totally forgot about this game until Shuhei Yoshida tweeted one of those thinking emojis that corresponded to Annapurna Interactive’s tweet about an incoming announcement. I feel like that pretty much confirms that we will see it in this State of Play. I can’t see this taking too much time, but they will remind us that it does exist and we should be excited to get our hands on it.

Ape Escape Remaster & New Game Announcement – 2 minutes

It’s been too long since we have seen Ape Escape come out on a PlayStation system. The folks at PlayStation know that a lot of people want to see another release of this beloved franchise. This is the time to announce that they are bringing all the previous entries to the PlayStation 4 as well as announce that a new iteration is coming out next year.

Batman Reveal – 2 minutes

At this point, we know that Batman will be announced today. My only thing is that I’m not 100% sure that it will be revealed during the State of Play, because I can also see it being revealed at the Xbox event. However, Batman typically has had exclusive content for PlayStation and I would imagine that trend continues. I think it’s kind of weird that they wouldn’t wait until the Game Awards to reveal this game, but I love Batman and I’m excited to see that we are even getting another one.

The Last of Us II In-Depth Look and Release Date – 10 minutes

Considering there is huge media blowout and all of Twitter is being consumed by little teasers, I can’t imagine this game not taking up half the show. It’s by far one of the most hyped games, and it doesn’t seem like Naughty Dog is holding anything back with this game. I can’t even fathom how they will top all of their previous work, but Naughty Dog will and they are about to enlighten us all. I think we will also get a look at multiplayer and probably a beta release. The multiplayer for the first game was absolutely amazing, so I’m very much looking forward to see how they evolved that portion of the game. I want this game to just come out today already, but I believe we will have to wait until May of 2020. To me, it makes the most sense to let some of the other huge games like FF7R and Cyberpunk have their day and not try to impede on any of their sales.

This seems like a pretty conservative prediction list, so let’s spice it up with some crazy predictions that will most likely not be revealed today.

Studio Acquisitions Announced – 1 minute and 30 seconds

Sony reveals Remedy, Ready at Dawn, and BluePoint all join PlayStation nation and give us a sizzle trailer of all the work they have done. Considering they tweeted about Insomniac joining PlayStation, I can’t see them announcing on a State of Play that they acquired any studios. I feel like it’ll be another tweet and blog post to reveal this news.

Guerilla Games’ Reveals Game from Second Studio – 3 minutes

Guerilla has expanded over the years, and we know that there are 2 teams working on projects. One of them is most definitely working on Horizon 2, but what about that other studio? Could it be a new Killzone or a whole new IP? I believe Colin Moriarty stated he knows it’s not a new Killzone, and he seems to know quite a bit more than I do so I’ll take his word for it. Either way, it’s exciting to know that Guerilla’s next game can be just around the corner. I just don’t think this is the time to reveal it. I’m thinking Guerilla’s next game will be a launch PS5 game and will be shown off at the official PS5 reveal.

A New Ratchet and Clank Game Announced – 1 minute and 30 seconds

With the recent acquisition of Insomniac, and us knowing they have multiple teams, it is possible they have been working on another Ratchet for quite some time. It’s been a long time since we have seen a new Ratchet game, and I’d be excited to see a brand new story between two of my favorite PlayStation characters.

A boy can dream, right? I would love to see all those things happen, but I’m definitely not expecting it. There are other things like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and more Death Stranding we can see at the show, but those things have been beaten to death by now. The future is bright for PlayStation, and it’ll be exciting to see what they end up revealing today. What are some things you think we might see at the show? Let me know how dumb I am at predicting @Believeland6 or @ThePSBrahs!