There is an evil that has returned. A threat that we thought had ended. This Abyss is not like anything you have ever faced before. In order to restore the balance, the 9 relics must be found. You will need to navigate through merchant ships filled with treasure and hopefully find the mysterious hidden Ethers. But, don’t expect to get the job done on the same ship you left with as you will need to upgrade your shop in order to help put an end to the Guardians and the bosses.


Features include:

  • An optimal VR experience! In a world specifically designed for VR, immerse yourself in the most captivating experience!
  • Solo or co-op, invite a friend and fight the growing evil of the Abyss together.
  • Steer through 14 colorful levels filled with treasures and secrets.
  • Explore the forgotten lands of Stardust Odyssey, accompanied by exotic musical scores!
  • Thwart the traps set by the Guardians and dodge the dangerous patrols.
  • Cast powerful spells and combine their effects with the PlayStation®Move motion controllers!
  • Face gigantic bosses with fearsome capabilities!

Can you bring the balance and defeat the Abyss? What creatures will be discovered? Find out when Stardust Odyssey comes to PlayStation VR in Winter of 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…

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