Batman fans already knew it. September 21st, 2019 was the 80th anniversary of the best character in the DC Universe.

This moment was so momentous that WB Montreal, developer of Batman: Arkham Origin and some of the Arkham Knight DLC, took to Twitter to say something..for the first time in over four years. Have a look.

What do YOU see in the images? Is that a redesign of the Court of Owls symbol?? We already have two teases related to the CoO from 2017:

And 2018:

Hell, even the CREATOR of the Court of Owl storyline joined in on the hype. Then quickly deleted his tweet!

That not enough for you? Leaked concept artwork from earlier this year clearly shows Court of Owls characters causing Batman a world of problems.

GameWatcher pointed out that one of the symbols from yesterday’s teaser looked similar to Ra’s Al Ghul’s armor from past Arkham games. Hell, his name even means ‘demon’s head’ in Arabic!

All the signs are there. WB Montreal is making a Batman: Arkham Court of Owls game. So when are we getting an official reveal? Sony’s latest State of Play is going down Tuesday. Could Sony and WB be joining forces like they have in the past?

The Video Game Awards are going on December 12th. Could Batman be ready to steal the spotlight on Gaming’s biggest night of the year? What do YOU think, Brah?