(Update) 3DJuegos point this out 3 months ago. Guess we will see on Tuesday if it’s accurate or not!

(Original article) Things are getting wild in these PlayStation streets as we gear-up for the ‘return’ of The Last of Us Part II during the latest State of Play on September 24th!!

It appears that Swiss retailer Softridge might have spoiled Tuesday’s release date surprise: February 28th, 2020. Which, in my humble opinion, is March 2020. THE LAST FREAGIN’ DAY OF A MONTH SHOULD COUNT AS THE NEXT! Ok, I jest. But still!

They also seem have posted some images of the cover art/package designs for the game! Take this all with a grain of salt, Brah.


Special Edition.

Collector’s Edition.

While I do think the date is doable (Horizon Zero Dawn also released on February 28!) I’m not so sure about the box art(s) could be real. Who knows. We should know come Tuesday! Game On, Brah!

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