Media Molecule’s Dreams has had quite the journey since first being shown at the original PS4 reveal back during February 2013. It took the game almost six years just to reach the early access phase. It’s clearly evident that Sony believes in the project.

Why? Because as Shuhei Yoshida, President of SIE WWS admit, it is one of his “favorite projects ever”, telling PlayStation Asia that they have a “10-year vision for Dreams to keep growing with the community”. Hope you guys don’t mind exporting are your creations to the PlayStation 5!

Shu goes on about Dreams, as you can really tell his passion for Media Molecule’s project. Serioulsy, if you have yet to check it out here’s a collection of some of the best creations so far in Dreams early access!

I’m also here to remind everyone that Dreams early access edition is currently $29.99! If you buy early you will continue to get every future update for free, because when the full ‘game’ releases the price will increase to $59.99!

If you want to listen to the full interview with Playstation Asia, we embedded the video below.