Marvel Games are doing it BIG this year at New York Comic Con 2019! How so? By holding a series of panel regarding their roster of games at the freagin’ Madison Square Garden starting on October 3rd!

The biggest news out of all the upcoming panels? The exclusive spotlight of a “fan favorite” character during the Marvel’s Avengers panel on October 5th.

Join the teams behind Marvel’s Avengers, along with special surprise guests, for an in-depth look at a fan favorite character. This exclusive presentation on the Marvel Stage promises to be an event not-to-miss!

Ready to speculate who it could be? Hawkeye? Ms. Marvel?? Falcon??? The Wasp???? October will be here before we know it so we won’t have to wait long fellow True Believers!

Marvel’s Avengers saves the day on May 15th, 2020. The multiplayer beta will hit first on the PS4, 7 days before XB1/PC/Stadia.