That’s right boys and girls and agents of all ages, Blood & Truth has added even more to the table. But what more could they add? What more could be brought to this action filled table? Well wonder no more as this DLC is packed with some awesome additions.

Do you feel like your aim is spot on? Well, your feelings are about to questioned because Skeet Challenges are here to answer the call, Aim controller compatible, and include the following:

  • Endurance Skeet – Look high above as clays will be launched from high above, but watch out…if you miss one single clay, you lose a life. That’s right for every single clay you miss, you start to realize your life slipping away, but to make you feel even more special, if you can get three consecutive hits, you can earn a piece of your life back.
  • Authentic Skeet – You have eight stations to move between as you will be shooting from high to low. But be on the look out as these clays come in single as well as double, so do what you can and hopefully you will earn that perfect 25 score.
  • Extreme Skeet – How well do you think you can shoot with the wind in your face high above the ground? Across eight stations of London’s rooftops, clays will be in the single as well as the double form, but if you like to get extra credit, be on the look out for additional targets to get those bonus points.
  • Action Skeet – Sometimes we all can use a little more practice and training and this is where the action comes in. Static and launched targets will be present so build up your skills. And since you like surprises, see if you can spot the gnomes in the challenges so you can earn that GNOMAGEDDON Trophy.
  • Puzzle Skeet – Can you hit three targets to release a colored clay? In order to see what color clay you will need to shoot, pay attention to the lights that switch on. If done correctly, you will hit the clay to move on so you can see if you can hit the next set of target, but if you miss, you will need to hit the three targets again to relaunch the clay. But don’t let your eagerness get the better of you here.

But that’s not all. While some may have went as fast as you could trying to get through this action movie of a game, you received that “I am awesome” feeling. Well, get ready to turn up the difficulty in the new Hard Mode. But even if you think you may got this and the new Hard Mode is nothing, here are some helpful hints to help you along the way.

Keep Moving:

  • With the new Hard Mode, the enemies will be more accurate, especially from a distance, so you have less time to peak out from cover to make your shots before you start taking damage – especially when facing multiple enemies. So through the test of life out the window and get in there and make every cover and shot count.
  • Don’t want the enemies to be able to react as quickly, fire off those multiple shots.
  • Don’t forget to shoot enemies on your way into cover. I mean you could try and see if they will turn over a new leaf in this moment, but probably not, so go in gun blazing on your way to make sure you still live.
  • Prioritize taking out enemies you don’t have cover from. This could be the most helpful depending on the situation.
  • Remember, if you stop, the enemy is more likely to shoot you. So move like there is no tomorrow.
  • Since the enemies will have more accuracy, to make it even more exciting, you will have less health to start and to add to the hardness, recovery will be more on the slow side. So keep this in mind before moving on.
  • You will need to be more careful with the precision mode. With the new Hard Mode, not only will have to be more careful, but you will have less time to use it. If you cancel the Precision Mode before it runs out, the cool-down is shorter. Keep in mind that Precision Mode also means less accurate enemies and you are faster than so said enemies and to top it off, expendable items include free slo-mo…so make everyone count and make those enemies hurt.
  • Remember, if you don’t want more enemies alerted, equip those silencers.
  • Use your second hand to support the gun to dampen recoil.
  • Unlock and equip your guns with sights and laser lines for big accuracy boosts.
  • Online leaderboards have been added for every mission in Hard Mode. So can you be the best in the world on Hard Mode?

Do you have what it takes to take it to the next level? Find out and you just may earn a new trophy. So what are you waiting for? Go get that free DLC for Blood & Truth now for PlayStation VR!!!