Well damn that was quite interesting. Devil’s Hunt throws out some heavy punches in its new trailer. The war between Demons and Angels is almost upon us and soon you will have to decide which side to choose. Dig right in and join the war as Desmond who must fight for…well whatever he believes in I guess. The fighting looks intense and one might even say it looks more like a brawler. It doesn’t appear that it will overwhelm anyone with its graphics but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to provide a good storyline!

Devil’s Hunt releases September 17th, 2019 on PC and Q1 2020 on consoles.


  • Dive into the story – captivating storyline based on an original novel
  • Enjoy the narrative – almost 100 high-quality cutscenes of up to 2 hours’ duration
  • Change forms – humans and demons both have useful skills
  • Fight like a demon – TPP melee combat with large variety of attacks, combos and enemies
  • Explore – rich, context sensitive environment interactions

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