If you gamed on the OG PlayStation, then you know all about then greatness that was Ape Escape from Sony. Spawning many sequels and spin-offs, the series over time didn’t keep the magic of the original games but has always had a solid, devoted fanbase crazy over those Pipo monekys.

So when the President of SIE WWS Teases the future of the series, you better believe we’re going to report about it!

Shuhei Yoshida talked about the series with Famitsu regarding its 20th anniversary and had some interesting comments to say!

What are your thoughts on the continued popularity and love for the characters as mascots for SIE over the past 20 years?

Yoshida: “Personally, while I do feel proud that Ape Escape was a landmark game in that gaming era, I have never thought of the Pipo Monkeys as SIE’s mascot characters. However, I know that they have continued to be loved by some fans, and regarding that, I’m really happy.”

As you might imagine, there are likely many people waiting for a new game. Is there a possibility a new game could be made?

Yoshida: “I wonder. (laughs) As there hasn’t been a new game in a long time, we’ve heard the voices of many people asking for a new Ape Escape title.”

Could it happen?? PlayStation is all about giving fans who might have missed out on an original title back in the day the chance to play it via remasters or remakes! Hell, give me a remake of the original Ape Escape and I’ll dance around like a MONKEY on my YouTube channel. SCREEN SHOT THIS!!!