Hideo Kojima took to Social media to reveal that his upcoming project, Death Stranding, would had a ‘very easy’ mode to those who might not be very good at games or who might be movie fans.

Kojima’s personal assistant Ayako took to her personal Twitter account to tell the tale of her journey through Death Stranding through a series of tweets. She claims to have started on August 6th and finished it on September 5th. Possible slight spoilers.

Death Stranding releases on November 8th. Are you and your BB ready to reunite America??

“This time we’re climbing a steep mountain in what’s said to be the longest and harshest mission of them all. There’s a familiar, gentle melody coming from where the snow meets the grass. A warm wind blows in my heart. I can see my destination. I feel exhilarated! I’ve reached this place with the support from the people I’ve helped. I’ve connected North America!” – https://twitter.com/Kaizerkunkun/status/1169430682826788864

“Nearing the end of Death Stranding. I’ll probably finish it today, and there’s a certain scene I’ve watched again and again at work that I just can’t stop crying out loud from. All the time we spent together, all the pain we went through, all the accomplishments, they all come together in this moment when Sam says those words. I just can’t stop thinking that this feeling is on a different dimension compared to just crying when watching a movie!” – https://twitter.com/Kaizerkunkun/status/1169483120418050048

“It.. it’s over…” – https://twitter.com/Kaizerkunkun/status/1169527908940910592

“I have finished Death Stranding. I’m filled with all sorts of emotions. I couldn’t let go of my handkerchief until the very end. For films, it’s important to tackle subjects like art, entertainment and society, and Death Stranding includes all that! It doesn’t make sense, but everything is coherent! So much so that for a while I was just sitting there not able to say or do anything. I have never seen a game as intellectual as this!” – https://twitter.com/Kaizerkunkun/status/1169534019072974848

“Death Stranding test play. I played between breaks at work from August 6th and finished it today. I’m not good at video games, so I played on Very Easy mode. This mode is perfect for movie fans or people who prefer RPG games. If you’re more into action games, I recommend Normal or Hard. By the way, Mads clearly deserves the award for best male actor!” – https://twitter.com/Kaizerkunkun/status/1169543856750071808