Imagine yourself, an assistant just in front of the computer assisting all day every day. But you want more in life and one day your wish will be granted. Except that day is today when a mysterious package containing this new and exciting energy that with the help of some machines, the wish that you wanted, may not be the wish you hoped it was. As you travel through different worlds and exciting dimensions, it will be up to you to figure out the machines to make sure they work as attended.

Features include:

  • Play the latest installment of the award-winning puzzle classic in VR!
  • Explore the impressive worlds and the game mechanics in each of the 40 different levels.
  • Play as the crazy professor.
  • Explore and have fun in the new toy rooms. Want to throw some baskets above the clouds or play on a pinball table…go for it.
  • Beautiful details for you to discover.

Will you be able to figure out how to make the machines work perfectly? Will the cloning get out of hand? How good are your riddle skills? What will you create? Find out when Crazy Machines VR physical edition comes to PlayStation VR on October 18, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…