It’s not as if this Kickstarter campaign needs much help as it has almost doubled its goal. However, Dreamscaper is a game I’ve had my eye on and I need to talk about it. With an initial release date of Q1 2020 you can try out the Alpha Demo on Steam while the campaign is still trying to reach some stretch goals. If you would like to pledge the developers are offering some pretty sweet rewards with beta access, Digital art book, Exclusive Kickstarter skins, Design a keepsake, or even design an NPC.

Dreamscaper a “Surreal binding of Isaac-style hack and slash,” is being developed by Afterburner Studios and is about a young woman named Cassidy dealing with depression. The ARPG Roguelite blends elements from brawlers, top-down shooters and dungeon crawlers. As you delve into her subconscious you will struggle to deal with her nightmares. What really caught my eye with this game was the use of being awake and dreaming. During the “Waking” period you will be able to build relationships, unlock stories and earn upgrades. As you fall into the “Dreaming” state you will confront Cassidy’s nightmares and explore the dreamscape as you build up her powers.

The combat looks like a mix of hack and slash with magical powers. I mean it is the dream world we are talking about here. From yo-yos, finger guns and boxing gloves Cassidy is provided with an array of weapons. It doesn’t end there though as she will also be able to equip items like shields for blocking or footwear for dodging.

As you explore Dreamscaper you will find things such as, challenging rooms, puzzle rooms, empowering shrines, restorative ruins, story vignettes, merchants and bosses. The enemies will be challenging but Cassidy will have all sorts of tools and abilities at her disposal. Not only can you unlock powerful upgrades but you can use special modifiers to help you create a unique character build.

So far everything I have seen from Dreamscaper has peaked my interest. From a fantastic looking setting to the wonders of moving from being awake to dreaming and fighting nightmares all seem so great with its execution. Of course we will only know that for sure once the game releases but for now, this game is on my list of must plays come 2020.


  • An expansive combat system that rewards skilled play – shoot off finger guns, rend the earth below you or whip a yo-yo into enemies with a slew of dream inspired weaponry
  • Adventure through six beautiful, haunting dreamscapes to discover powerful artifacts, surreal scenery and a multitude of unique events, challenges and puzzles
  • Day / night gameplay – explore the waking and dreaming world to learn Cassidy’s story, your actions in one affect the other
  • Deep item progression that creates synergies and new possibilities every run, encouraging experimentation and high replay-ability
  • Warp the Dreamscape around you with “Lucid Powers” – surreal dream attacks and abilities that manipulate the elements, warp space, and even control time itself
  • Live Cassidy’s waking life and forge friendships with the people around her. Empower Cassidy with their hopes and memories to dispel the darkness of her nightmares
  • A beautiful, dynamic soundtrack composed by Dale North that adapts to player experience

Dreamscaper is set to release on PC first with a console release at a later date. With how successful the Kickstarter has been I’d keep an out for early 2020 on an announcement.

You can find the Kickstarter page here Dreamscaper.

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