Imagine a world in solitude and the loneliness it could bring. But what if one day all that was to change when you look up only to see a small girl falling. As the mystic character Deemo, all alone and not knowing who she even is or where she comes from. But with you being all alone yourself, you find it within yourself to help her.

Features include:

  • Master more than 60 songs including DEEMO fan favorites and new additions to unlock scenes exclusive to PlayStation 4.
  • Alternate between the rhythm and exploration gameplay.
  • See from the perspectives of Deemo, accustomed to living in solitude within the walls of a beautiful yet lonely castle.
  • Gracefully master each song to grow the tree sprouting from Deemo’s piano and help her go back.
  • Tracks accentuate a tale of love, friendship and loneliness. Beloved by fans all over the world, it is now retold in greater detail and higher fidelity.

Will your piano master skills allow you to unlock new areas? Will you be able to help the girl get back home? Will your questions be answered? Find out when Deemo – Reborn- comes to PlayStation VR and enhanced with PlayStation VR on November 21, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…